Quicksilver is the quiet winner of Days of Future Past.

“The lesson our leaders took from Vietnam was not, it turns out, how to avoid another Vietnam. It was how to seal off the horror: to ensure that only a small group felt and saw it. An all-volunteer military, and a further reliance on the most elite, specialized soldiers to do the nation’s work we prefer to ignore. Entering houses at midnight and shooting unarmed men while they sleep. A widespread acceptance of drone strikes, killings committed by remote control—McChrystal watched a man on a video feed in his headquarters for seventeen days before he ordered the strike on a compound to kill Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. He went to see the dead man’s body; the pictures of the corpse were displayed at a press conference, a modern-day version of putting a man’s head on a spike. Compartmentalize the horror, then embrace it. No need to leave Kurtz on the riverbank when you can give him the job running the war.”
— Michael Hastings, The Operators.


“They were both across the borderland of their your, traveling with visas on the verge of expiration, imperiled by the pending truth of their trespasses.”
— Steve Erickson, Days Between Stations

Every Frame a Painting on David Fincher a.k.a. making me wet. 

say what you want about the entirety of the Dark Knight Trilogy, but the opening sequence of The Dark Knight is one of the best there is, definitely the best one of the aughts. 

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